Startup District is based on the idea that new ventures benefit greatly from the camaraderie and serendipity that geographical proximity can provide. We're dedicated to realizing our vision in Austin, with the full support of you, our co-conspirators.

Startup District started as a real estate initiative – an effort to locate Austin startups on the East Side of Austin by making affordable office space and operational services readily available. The East Side presents a great deal of opportunity in terms of acquiring and renovating physical space. There is also a critical mass of startups and startup-friendly services already operating on the East Side.

We’re committed to the initiative because we feel strongly that Austin’s future depends on our ability to meaningfully attract and retain great startups, technologists and entrepreneurs – and in our mind that begins in the real world, before anyone writes a single line of code.

The real estate initiative lives on, and we will provide updates on the blog ongoing. We are actively seeking volunteers and advisors.

We also anticipate The District serving as a vehicle for other initiatives and projects that warrant attention – including but not limited to political and governmental affairs and startup incentives, affordable healthcare for startups, fellowships and other jobs-related economic recovery plans, entrepreneurship education, funding and financing, and Austin general evangelism.

- @colin and @joshdilworth